The Wire Fox Terrier Association runs its own Welfare and Re-homing Scheme which deals exclusively with Wires who, for one reason or another, find themselves looking for a new home.

Our scheme caters only for wires and although initially it was funded by the Association, due to the extraordinary generosity of members and friends, sufficient funds have been generated which now enables the scheme to become self-funding.  Our prime concern however is, as it has always been, for the welfare of wires.

In addition to helping wires who find themselves in need of a new home, the WFTA Welfare Scheme also re-homes retired show and breeding stock whose owners prefer to see them housed in a pet home with a loving family to call their own.  These wires usually remain where they are until suitable homes are identified.   Such dogs have invariably spent most of their lives in kennels but they adapt remarkably quickly to home comforts and make excellent pets.   Trust a wire to know on which side it's bread is buttered and to make the most of every advantageous situation!

The Committee's initial hope that members and friends would be prepared to help to make this venture a success by volunteering to help with the collection or delivery of a wire coming into Welfare and taking it to a convenient point, short-term fostering, passing on information to someone who has expressed an interest in re-homing an older animal, etc. has been more than realised.   We are more than grateful for their willingness and assistance.   

Always remember that wires normally live long, healthy lives, are extremely adaptable and sometimes an older wire is suitable for potential owners of a certain age where such a dog would be more appropriate than a puppy.    

Committee members who help with re-homing will always endeavour to place the right dog with the right owners.  There is a month's trial and help and advice is just a 'phone call away. We are always willing and able to give sound advice on wires to anyone considering having a wire to share their life.  No wire is ever given away by us and a charge is always made. The amount we request is based upon the age of the dog. A younger dog will attract a larger donation than an older one.     

Other donations to the Welfare scheme are always more than welcome and every penny given will be put into the Welfare Pot.

If you are interested in providing a home for a wire, please either complete the online enquiry form below or download, complete and email to Welfare & Re-homing Co-ordinator, Louise Beary at We are unable to proceed until we have the completed form.

Or complete the online form below…

WFTA Online Rehoming Application Form

Please answer all questions as honestly as possible – the more information given allows us to decide which dogs might be suitable for you.  We also keep all enquiries on file, should a suitable dog become available we will contact you.

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We ask for a MINIMUM contribution of £250 for each dog, this helps us to continue helping to rehome Wire Fox Terriers.

Below are pictures of just a few of the wires we have rehomed.