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"Welcome to the website of the Wire Fox Terrier Association. Founded in 1913, this is the only association in the United Kingdom solely dedicated to the Wire Fox Terrier."

"Our aim is to bring together like minded people who have a love for the breed, whether that be through our events, education, welfare or health initiatives.

The newly appointed committee are not only passionate about the breed itself but also about the club, its management and more importantly it’s members. We hope that members old and new get behind the committee and join us to enjoy what we hope will be a bright future for the association.

We hope that you find this website a mine of information about both the breed and the association itself. You will find pages on health, welfare, up coming seminars and everything you will need to know about our shows, where we hope you will see some of the best Wires, from near and far, on exhibition. In addition to these we hope to re introduce our stripping seminars with an aim to educate and help all Wire owners with coat care etc. 

We also have an association shop where Wire Fox Terrier memorabilia etc can be purchased.

We produce a Yearbook. Please get behind this publication, it’s a great place to advertise your dogs, puppies and wins.

I would like to wish all members health, happiness and good luck in the future with your dogs and hope that we can all celebrate together the breed that has brought us here in the first place... The Wire Fox Terrier!"

- Bill Brown-Cole