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I was introduced to WIRES as a young lad many decades ago and when my wife and I were married we obtained our first WIRE straight away. This little girl entered our lives at the young age of FIVE weeks (we were very naive then) she needed lots of TLC to help her survive!

She was fearless and would take on the world, but never quite mastered the art of being House Trained ,however it was several years and several dogs later that we established the Marvidyne Kennels under the guidance and Iron Fist of Val and Ken Howe they of Valken Kennels fame. 

My wife does all the preparation work and showing, I am just the Adviser and General Dogs Body and whilst we have had some success in the ring with several Reserve CCs the mighty CC has evaded us, but there is always tomorrow!

Why do I love WIRES, well they are like MARMITE you either love them or you hate them --- oh by the way I HATE MARMITE.