The ideal proportions of the Wire Fox Terrier would be as depicted in the figure below:


Correct shoulder placement: 
The tip of the shoulder blade (C) should lie behind the elbow(F). So if you drop a straight line from C down to the ground it should pass behind the elbow (F). The angle C to D to F should be 90 degrees, and the angle from C to D straight to the ground should hit the ground at 45 degrees.

Faults in Shoulder placement:
The shorter the over arm (humerus bone-A) is the steeper the shoulders tend to become. And with the shortening of A the tip of the shoulder bone (C) gets to lie in front of, or above the elbow-which is incorrect. 

You want a good spring of ribs and the depth of the rib cage should reach the elbow(F)

The Rear:
Tail set and pelvis:
The back of the  pelvic bone (G) should be well behind the base of the tale . The tale set should be well on top, with no palpable bump in front .

Bend of stifle and hocks:
You want a long first and second thigh (H and I) which should be as near as possible equal in length. You want the hock joint to go down the rear pastern (J) at a right angle to the ground and want these to be as low to the ground as possible.