I have always been an animal lover and had pets from childhood. Several breeds have featured in my life. However in 2012 we opened our home to our first wire Molly, at 15 she was an elderly lady that needed a loving home in her twilight years. Sadly after a few months Molly’s health failed, but in her short time with us she converted my husband into a dog person and her legacy; the need to have another wire in our lives.

The combination of owning a wire and being on social media is you end up within the global wire community and with the help and guidance from one of these new found friends and the WFTA, Tommy entered our lives in 2013.

For the past 16 years I have worked in the charity sector both as an employee and volunteer; British Hen Welfare Trust, as a volunteer on one of their rehoming teams. Essex Wildlife Trust as a Manager at one of their visitor centre sites for many years and I currently work for the Royal Association for Deaf people, looking after Individual Giving. I hope many of the skills I have gained from these roles will be useful to the WFTA in the years to come.