I got my first wire 6 years ago after meeting the criteria for a new dog that my other half had laid down, minimum hair loss, no slobber, not a handbag dog and with a big personality. Thinking I would never find a dog to meet this but ha ha, welcome to wires. When our first dog was 1 year old we got our 2nd one, a bitch this time.

After being told our bitch was fairly decent and worth a go in the ring, hand stripping training commenced, along with showing and breeding. Getting involved with the WFTA was a natural progression. I had well and truly got the wire BUG and thoroughly enjoy it too.

I own a photographic business with my partner which keeps us very busy but offers skills that I could bring along to the WFTA and so I was thrilled when my application was approved to join the committee. I enjoy meeting people and the broad spectrum of individuals you get within an established association makes for interesting times where we can all learn from each other. I am the administrator for WFTA Facebook and maintain the account with details of events etc. I look forward to the years to come.