My background is English/Bavarian and I hold dual nationality through my Swiss husband.  I was born into a  large house full of my Mother's Cocker Spaniels and Father's Ridgebacks and spent my childhood around the Sussex Westie Kennels of Mum's first cousin, Brenda Strivens (Angilgate), who was one of the founders of The South West Highland White Terrier Club. This is where I got my love for Terriers. 

My first Wire, Timmy, came from Mike Vickers in 1994. (Ellenside Potentate sired by Ch Townville Tarique) We were inseparable and at the time I was busy having a successful career as an International Opera Singer, with Timmy being a serious vocal Critic and avid traveller to Concert halls and Opera Houses throughout the UK.  His special favourite was Opera North's wardrobe department, where a stash of biscuits were always awaiting him whilst I had my costume fitted. His Holidays were spent with my Mother in Rutland, whenever I was contracted abroad. Despite the fact that I had worked for the Passport for Pets committee to allow pets to travel to Switzerland, I never took Tim abroad.  In 2007, after illness had forced my early retirement as a performer, I acquired my Wire bitch, Heidi.  We joined the Wire Fox Terrier Association and I became interested in showing with one of her puppies, Wingwire Helden Potentate.  I enjoy being an active part of the Association and I am very honoured to serve on the committee, particularly working to build the sales to the shop, promoting our wonderful Londsdale Trimming Knives.