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This is the 2nd term Harry O’ Donoghue will serve as President having previously been President in 2013. Unfortunately at the time of the 2013 Championship show, Harry was under orders from his doctor not to travel, so with much reluctance had no choice but to withdraw from judging the Association’s Centenary Championship show. This was a great disappointment for both Harry and The Association, however his good friend Peter Green was able to step-in and judge. Very appropriately the WFTA members have voted for Harry to serve a 2nd term as President and am sure look forward to him judging the 2018 Championship show in October. I seconded Harry to be the WFTA President in 2008 and would like to share the notes I prepared for the AGM about his credentials for the role of President:-

Dear Chairman & Members,

As seconder to the proposal of Harry O’Donoghue I would like to say a few words in support of the nomination. This is the fourth time Harry has allowed his name to go forward for the position of Vice President, difficult for many members to understand this when his contribution to the breed and its history must rank with the likes of the legendary Bob Barlow & Wm Browne-Cole Snr.

Harry has been travelling to Britain some 50 or more years, I don’t think there’s a part of the western coast that he hasn’t sailed to and in more recent years he’s been going through our airports, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, London Heathrow, have I left any out ? He has shown at every general championship show in the country. How many of us have done that? He has also shown at every regional breed club and sadly many of those that no longer exist. How many of us have done that?

I doubt if Harry himself could tell you how many Champions he’s bred but he has won the award for:

  • B.I.S. W.F.T.A. 8 Times

  • B.I.S. The Fox Terrier Club 7 times

  • B.I.S. Birmingham & District Fox Terrier Club

  • B.I.S. Fox Terrier Club of Scotland

  • B.I.S. Notts Fox Terrier Club

  • B.I.S. Fox Terrier Club of South Wales

  • Many groups at all breed shows and 2 runner-up in groups at Crufts.

In his native Ireland he supports every show where Wires are scheduled with at least 3 or 4 entries and his support is the same in Northern Ireland and so Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask you to consider this and remember the fact this overseas member is a truly extra ordinary supporter of the breed and this Association.

— Gerard Morris