Ernest Robinson of the Zeloy Kennels was elected Vice-President of the Wire Fox Terrier Association in 1966 and succeeded to the Presidency in 1967.  He commenced exhibiting wires in 1939 and became a member of the Association immediately after the Second World War.  There were very few people who equalled Ernie's enthusiasm when it came to the exhibiting his dogs which were of the highest quality.  His ZELOY strain of wires has had a great influence on the breed since the war.  Many of today's exhibits still show the names of Zeloy champions in their long pedigrees.  The first challenge certificate won by this doyen of the breed was at the Association's Championship Show at Sheffield in 1959 with Ch. Zeloy Endeavour.  He won best in show with Zeloy Exemplar at the WFTA Championship Show in 1966 at Northampton.  

There is little doubt that the most influential champion bred by this kennel was Ch. Zeloy Emperor who went on to be the top sire of all time in the breed siring, as he did, 22 British champions, 33 American champions and hundreds of champions world-wide.   Other examples of this brilliant breeder's prowess are Zeloy Crusader, Zeloy Select, Meritor Zeloy Sunflower, Zeloy Mooremaides Magic and Gosmore Kirkmoor Storm.

Robbie was a quiet and friendly character, always the typical Yorkshire man.  I heard many tales of his excursions to dog shows from Cyril Whitham who, along with my father, accompanied Ernie to many shows.  On a journey to Scotland, having passed Scotch Corner, Cyril enquired if Ernie knew the way.  "Of course I do" he replied.  "We'll be there by 7 a.m.".  When he stopped the car near Waverley Street Station, Ernie said "Here we are on time, as I forecast".  Cyril replied, "Yes, we are in Edinburgh, but the show's in Glasgow".