During my childhood on a sheep station in Australia when my sister Lize and I were very young, our parents gave us a wire fox terrier puppy. Although we were fortunate enough to have owned many different breeds of dogs, Tabs was easily the best. He never missed an opportunity to chase our precious merinos, and our mother`s beautiful chickens. All our hens and roosters were minus their feathered plumage. We often dressed him up in dolls clothes, including a bonnet, and pushed him around in the pram. He was the star of our birthday parties, always managing to make sure he was the centre of attention. By the way, Mother used to have him clipped!

There is no doubt that it was with the memory of Tabs in mind that I went in for owning and then showing wire fox terriers in this country - in fact I have three of these great little characters. I am lucky enough to be on the Wire Fox Terrier Association`s committee where I can join with others to promote the breed. I travel up and down the country entering as many Championship and Club Open shows as I can to help support the breed. I also organise `Discover Dogs` at Earls Court in London, where, with others who own wires, I can help promote our breed as much as possible.