Handmade trimming knives from Germany commissioned exclusively for the Wire Fox Terrier Association

A  well-designed  trimming  knife  is  a  must  for  anyone  trimming  a wire.  

For any enquires please email Jacqueline Straubinger -



We carry stocks of the above four knives.   The letter A, B, or C denotes the depth of teeth - "A" is for fine trimming or short hair to give that extra finished look for the perfectionist:   "B" is ideal for trimming slightly longer hair and "C" is a good general-purpose stripper.   The smaller-bladed FL4 is a detailer for ears, heads, etc.  Left-handed knives are also available on request.  All the knives are priced at £60 each plus £2.50 each post and packing in the U.K.  Please ask for postage costs for more than 1 knife.  Overseas postage rates quoted on request.  Please note that all payments made on-line attract an additional 5%.